Ethical Hour X The Maverick Store - The New Face of the New Fashion Industry

On Monday 22nd April, we kicked off Fashion Revolution Week 2019 by sponsoring Ethical hour. 

"The clothes we wear are exploiting people and harming the planet - but it doesn't have to be like this. Responsible production and consumption of clothing is possible. Ethical Fashion goes far beyond its frumpy stereotypes and can be the most stylish and creative way to celebrate your values. Ethical Hour are proud to be working with some of the leading independent ethical fashion brands who are committed to transparent, ethical and sustainable supply chains, garments and working practices."

"Thanks to their support of our Fashion Revolution Campaign, we're able to raise awareness of the many ethical issues in the fashion industry. We have also been able to provide 17 days of sewing training for women in Bangladesh, so they can get a job or start a home business, through our partners B1G1" Ethical Hour Facebook post promoting an #Ethicalhour sponsored chat on Monday 22nd April.

Working with Ethical Hour so far has been fantastic, I would encourage anyone to join the tribe to Network with like minded people passionate about driving forward ethical fashion. 

Blog Post by Sian Conway - The Faces of the New Fashion Industry

Ethical Hour Website

Blog Post Featuring The Maverick Store - New Faces of the Fashion Industry

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