The Good Life Experience 2017

“Cerys Matthews has asked me to do a festival”
One hazy morning in London, a good friend came off the phone with the above line. Sometimes I think to myself I have heard it all, but never say never!
After making a coffee that he doesn’t drink, I was immediately invited to go along with him. Of course I obliged and also offered to be his wingman (or wingwoman I should say), and drive up to Flint in Wales with all the necessary components you would need to have a great weekend at a festival.
The Good Life Experience Festival, Flint, Wales. 
One of the best experiences of my life, meeting independent brands on a market, designed and made in the UK was the spark to my online business. Organised by Cerys Matthews & The Gladstone Family. 
I would recommend The Good Life Festival to anyone who likes to learn new skills, meet new people and listen to good new music.
Alex Pink
Check him out too, he’s pretty skilled. Head to Portobello Road, he plays at Mau Mau Bar, Subterania,  every Sunday & Monday. (265 Portobello Road, Notting Hill, London W11 1LR)

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