First Official UK Stockist of Lefrik Backpacks of Madrid

We are so excited to be the first stockist in the UK for Lefrik backpacks of Madrid.
In sourcing Lefrik from Instagram, their transparency in giving information about their supply chain is something The Maverick Store looks for.

Lefrik works with a purchase company, which is in charge of monitoring all of their supply chain from placing an order with the supplier until delivery to the warehouse.  This company is endorsed by a triple bureau veritas in social, quality and environment.

 This triple certification assures they are monitoring our suppliers and checking they are following the requirements not only in social, but quality and environment too. If we start working with a new supplier who by chance doesn’t have any social audit, before starting working with them they will make a first assessment prior to an audit to be sure they are fulfilling the code of conduct and they are prepared to pass the future audit.

The triple certification includes - 

 Social responsibility (SA 8000) with the commitment to fair working conditions.

Quality (ISO 9001) that guarantees traceability and control of our processes.

Environment (ISO 14001) ensuring our activity is sustainable.

 Their factory in China has passed a social Sedex Social Audit in Ethical trade on June this year.

Lefrik follow the  FWF code of conduct and plan to be a member in the future. The fair wear foundation is an independent, non-profit organisation that works to improve conditions for workers in garment factories.  
About the Brand
Established in 2012, Lefrik started designing urban bags, backpacks and travel essentials using the highest quality eco friendly fabrics made out of recycled plastic PET bottles. 
Every time you buy a Lefrik product you are helping to reduce plastic waste from landfills and the CO2 of the planet. .
The production of recycled polyester PET uses 2/3 less energy and about 90% less water than production of virgin polyester. 

The Maverick Store & Lefrik are excited to grow together in this new era of sustainable fashion. 



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