Live Project with Staffordshire University

Everything starts as an idea and from learning. Connecting with the Staffordshire University Fashion Design course is really exciting for The Maverick Store. 
The module aims to equip the students with the skills required to work in a commercial environment and will allow the students to explore research tactics to underpin trend forecasting. Enabling the students to design fashion ideas based on a sound knowledge of the end user and it's commercial viability. In this case sustainability and ethical sourcing is key, pricing a long the way to also make it commercial is paramount. 
Talking to the students about sustainability in Fashion is super important, ensuring ethical sourcing is just as important as design. 
Judging will take place in December, with a chance for the students to wholesale their designs to The Maverick Store. 
Course written by Rachel Heeley, great collaborator and passionate about fashion & learning. 

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