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Rozenbroek Menswear is a made to order label promoting the importance of sustainability and ethical values within the fashion industry. I had a fantastic trip to the factory in Yorkshire, and a brilliant chat with designer and founder Jade Rozenbroek. 
The factory is in an old Turkey barn and run from solar power, nothing is taken off the grid. Powered by the sunshine of Yorkshire. (Yes there is sunshine up north!)
Solar Power
Jade is certainly an inspiration and it's great to meet someone with the same passions as me to create a sustainable fashion world. 
Jade established the business in 2017, after working for some big names in the industry like Burberry, Marc Jacobs and Versace in Italy. Our paths could have crossed a few times and we had some tales to share about living abroad in Italy learning our trade to become who we are today. 
There are two seamstresses in the factory, and Jade takes pride to give them a good work life balance and living wage. 
Rozenbroek has a store in Hackney where only one of each size is displayed, you can go in and try before you buy and orders are sent to the factory that same day to be shipped directly to your home. No importing, cutting out layers of shipping, waste and overbuying of stock. A continued problem which is leading to the majority of waste at landfill sites across the world.  
Store Address 
Rozenbroek, Unit 17, The Factory, 21-31 Shacklewell Ln, Hackney Downs, London E8 2DA
A concept we both agree on is that your wardrobe should be an investment, you are investing in the label, the brand and the people that make your clothes. 
Classic pieces like the Rozenbroek Shirt is an absolute wardrobe staple, and is guaranteed to last you more than a 3 month fast fashion item which will break, lose the colour, shape and fit after the 3rd wash. 
The Maverick Store is super pleased about working with Rozenbroek and we are very excited for future collaborations to support each others sustainable business. 
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