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The History of the Gluggle Jug

      Glug Glug Jugs were originally made by Thomas Forester & son in Staffordshire in 1867. Passing through various manufacturing hands, it ended up with Royal Winton & Grimwades Pottery in the 1930's. However, after the second world war, wartime restrictions meant that the pottery couldn't keep up with demand, and so a deal was struck with the newly opened Dartmouth Pottery. Manufacture moved to Devon, while glazing and decoration remained in Staffordshire.  Dartmouth pottery used the jug to advertise Plymouth Gin, and then in 1958 the Gluggle's profile rose when a pair of green jugs, embossed with Royal insignia, were presented to the Queen and Prince Philip during a visit to Britannia Naval College.  After the closure...

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