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The Story behind Loskey Clothing

Ethical Fairtrade GOTS Organic Cotton


Loskey Clothing

Loskey Clothing 

Loskey are a London based brand, passionate about fairtrade, sustainability and ethics. From the empowerment of women through fairtrade, to the plastic-free production and distibution of their products, they aim to protect the planet and all its citizens. 


The core mission of Loskey is the economic empowerment of women through fairtrade. Fairtrade is not simply about the price that is paid. It's about the overall well-being of the workers. It means not just treating them with respect and care, but also protecting their culture and traditional artisan skills, while helping them to share those skills with the world. We are proud to parter with suppliers who treat their workers with dignity, and value them as human beings. 


They are committed to protection of the planet through the use of GOTS-certified organic cotton in their products. The Global Organic Textile Standard certifies the organic nature of the fibres, environmental criteria for all dyes and chemical inputs (e.g. bleaching), as well as social criteria for the workers involved in it's manufacture. It's not just about doing whats best for the planet, it's about ensuring that the workers involved with production and harvest are safe and not exposed to toxins. 


They are sustainable across everything they do. All of their swing tags are made from sustainable paper using elephant and rhino dung and our letterbox packaging is made from 100% recycled cardboard. They even use the off-cuts of our t-shirt manufacture as the ties in their packaging pouches. Their tees are designed and made to be the antithesis of 'fast fashion'. Clothes should not be disposable. They should be high quality, timeless pieces that can be worn again and again. 






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