Who is WAWWA?

WAWWA is certainly a brand that puts the planet first. When they started they wanted to make a change in the way people approach what they wear. They wanted to make a more sustainable option, well designed clothes, that looked good and do good. 

They aim to make a product that lasts longer, negating the need for it to be replaced and minimising it's effect on the planet, because we've only got one. 

Since the start, they started making t-shirts organically, using water based inks, the typical response we got was "I don't care about that mate" but we knew it was important, so we stuck with it, despite the extra costs involved. 

A non organic t-shirt requires 2000 litres of water to make it, more than the average person drinks in one year. 

An organic t-shirt used 91% less water. Meaning that water can be retained for more important use, like being drunk. 

Wherever possible they use factories to manufacture their products that use sustainable energy such as wind or solar power. 

In 2018 they realised they could push the boundaries with sustainable sourcing further, so they sourced a yarn made from 100% recycled materials to make clothing with. 

40% of it is made from recycled PET plastic that otherwise would end up polluting our beautiful oceans and the other 60% is from organic cotton cut offs from our clothing, that would otherwise end up in landfills. 

In 2017, after being educated about the importance of a plant based diest for the environment and the cruelty of which animals suffered as a form of human enslavement, they decided to make all of their clothing completely free of animal products, mirroring their dietary choices. 

It is great to have WAWWA on board at The Maverick Store. 

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