Kin & Kloth Organic Towels & Throws

Kin & Kloth
Kin & Kloth towels are all slowly hand-woven on traditional wooden shuttle looms by Turkish Artisans. Working with some of the last weavers in villages across Southern Turkey, they have a passion for their art and this translates into beautifully crafted pieces. Due to the speed of the traditional weaving process this means weavers can only produce towels in small batches. Each towel is priced to reflect the time taken, the intricacies involved in the design and to ensure all the weavers are paid a fair wage. We are proud to say all our towels are of exceptional quality and will outlive mass produced ones by years, even decades.

All our towels and throws are produced using only top quality GOTS certified organic cotton and the best quality linen. The threads are all spun in central Turkey using dyes and finishes that are GOTS certified organic.

Using organic cotton only is so important to us because it’s grown without the use of toxic pesticides or fertilizers. This means it’s better for the land it’s farmed on, for the workers farming it and for our general well-being and health. It will produce a much more absorbent, breathable, easier to clean and super soft textile product, which is much healthier for your skin.