Kind Socks

Kind Socks
Realising sustainable fashion is not a trend but the only way forward for the fashion industry
Kind Socks are ethically manufactured in organic GOTS certified cotton. Kind Socks look after their suppliers, all are paid a fair wage and have a safe work place. 
Conventional cotton farming uses approximately 25% of the world's insecticides and over 10% of the pesticides that contaminates grounds, water, oceans and wildlife.
Instead of these toxic chemicals, organic cotton farmers use beneficial insects, crop rotation, compost, cover crops and weed by hand or machine in order to build soil quality, enhance biodiversity and protect the air, the water and the workers. 
By choosing organically grown cotton you’ll show kindness to our planet.
At Kind Socks we find it important to always give back and be as kind as we possibly can. Therefore we choose a charity for each volume that a percentage of our profits will go to help make our world a little bit better.
Kind Socks of Sweden