The Maverick Standards

The Maverick Store is committed to the below sustainable standards to ensure a more productive supply chain in the Fashion, Home & Accessories industries. 

Reduce & Recycle

Step away from fast fashion production to reduce textile waste to landfill. 

Working towards becoming a zero waste online independent retailer. Our pledge is to use recycled/compostable shipping packaging and to understand each brands policy on this. 

Reuse old glass and plastic for office stationary & old wood, metal for office furniture. 

Working with suppliers to understand their fabric and energy consumption to avoid waste throughout the supply chain. 

Reduce carbon emissions by reducing a layer of shipping, some suppliers will ship directly from them to you. 

Partnered with the ReGain App to encourage the recycling of clothing. 

Products & Trade

Ethically & sustain-ably sourced, meaning tracing the sourcing of fabrics and yarns from farmer to factory. 

Work with suppliers where products are built to last.

Offer organic GOTS certified products. 

Offer products that have recycled elements in the fabrication. 

Offer cruelty free products, no harm on animals or factory workers. 

Stock fair trade products. 

Ensure staff are paid a living wage at suppliers. 

 Plans to support charities on future projects.

The Maverick Store is supported by The Princes Trust