WAWWA Beanie Hat in Navy
WAWWA Beanie Hat in Navy
WAWWA Beanie Hat in Navy
WAWWA Beanie Hat in Navy

WAWWA Beanie Hat in Navy

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WAWWA Putting the Planet First

When WAWWA started they wanted to make a change in the way people approach what they wear. We wanted to make a more sustainable option, well designed clothes that looked good and did good. 

They aim to make product that lasts longer, negating the need for it to be replaced and minimalising it's effect on the planet, because we've only got one.

By making as much as they can organically, they avoid pesticides damaging soil and local environments. 

When WAWWA first started making t-shirts organically, using water based inks, the typical response they got was "I don't care about that mate" but we knew it was important, so we stuck with it, despite the extra costs involved. 

1 + 1 Collection

For every beanie hat purchased WAWWA will donate another hat to those most in need through a variety of charities and shelters. 

To date they have donated around 3,000 hats. 

Available in 3 Colours. 


Handmade in Korea. 

100% Acrylic  Hypoallergenic Yarn (Good for sensitive skin). 

Hand Wash with cold water. 

Dry Flat, not with heat. 

Plant Based Packaging - 100% compostable, its derived from a waste product from sugar cane manufacturing, so it's the most sustainable form of packaging available.